We love spending every day dreaming up fun new treasures to share with everyone we know! There is always something new to discover on the Natural Life website, and while it’s SO fun to go on a treasure hunt, sometimes it can be overwhelming! That’s why we created the Ultimate Natural Life Gift Guide with our personal favorite gifts to give this year. We hope it inspires you to share something special with someone on your list!

Live Happy Body Collection

"My favorite thing to give right now is our Live Happy Body Collection! I use the lotion and roll-on every single day. It smells so good I want to eat it! I love that this is something everyone can use."
-Patti, Chief Creative Guru/Owner

5 Year Journal

"This year I’m buying the “Each Day is a Gift” 5 Year Journal for everyone on my Christmas list. Gratitude is more than feeling thankful – it’s a vital practice that helps people be more positive, which improves their health and their outlook on life! It is a positive thread that is woven into our complicated and sometimes difficult lives. Gratitude heals our hearts!"
-Cindy, Controller

Cozy Robe

"This year I am gifting my sister (and myself) one of our printed cozy robes! We both love anything that will keep us warm during the winter months – especially when it’s cute!"
-Cara, Director of Social Media & Digital Content

 Artisan Rainbow Mug

"I’m giving my daughter’s teachers this cute rainbow mug because keeping ten 3-year-olds on task and happy all day is no small feat! I’m also including a bag of locally roasted coffee and a gift card to the BEST donut shop in town! I hope these gifts make her teachers feel energized for the big day ahead and, most importantly, I hope it makes them feel as loved as they truly are!"
-Carolyn, Director of Digital Experience

Icon Slippers

"My favorite gift this year is the Icon Slippers! They are sooooo comfortable and warm – plus, they’re SUPER cute! The folk flowers are the standouts for me. My mom loves slippers, so I get her a new pair every year. I love these ones so much, I might have to get a pair for myself too."
-Carrington, Apparel Product Developer

 Bedside Carafe Set

"I am OBSESSED with the Bedside Carafe Set! I can’t wait to give this to my sister because she will love how beautiful it looks on her nightstand while having the convenience of keeping fresh water nearby. We both grew up always taking a glass of water to bed with us for our nightstand and this is definitely an upgrade!"
-Erin, PD Communications Manager

 Long Blanket Kimono

"My Stepmom and sister-in-law both love cozy things! They live in Virginia where it can get very cold during winter months. I’m giving them both a Blanket Kimono because it’s cute enough to wear every day but still SO cozy and warm!"
-Sara, Senior Manager of Product Development Operations

 Sewing Station

"I cannot wait to give this Sewing Station to everyone in my crafty girl gang! This is going to help them organize all their sewing materials, plus it will look SO cute on their sewing desks!"
-Chelsea, Creative Manager
What Natural Life treasures are on your list this year? Tag @naturallife on Instagram and @naturallifehappy on TikTok so we can see!
December 07, 2022