Everyone has been LOVING our new tapestry blankets! We can't even keep them in stock and have ran out of them twice already! They're soooo soft and have the most inspirational quotes on them like, "Beautiful girl you can do hard things", "Make a difference today" and "Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly". We got the cutest message the other day that we had to share!

"Nine granddaughters all got tapestry blankets from great grandma! One granddaughter not pictured was napping with her sloth blanket. These were a huge hit for all granddaughters ages 1-17!" - Holly C.

"I have 6 very unique girls and was able to find a tapestry blanket for each of their wonderful personalities. They love love love them and will now be reminded of their incredible strengths whenever they snuggle. Best gifts ever! - Julie T.

I think I'll just be cozy today graphic

"These cozy blankets are the best! I am a massage therapist and I use these blankets to top off my table. They're soooooo soft and colorful and the messages are so inspiring and happy. My clients love seeing which cover I choose for their session. When one of my clients expresses a real interest in one of the cozy blankets... well then home they get to go with it! That is why I have to order so many! That and these cozy blankets make such amazing gifts for my friends and family. - Vicki H.

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June 21, 2017
Tags: Treasures