It’s the cozy things… 

Our favorite part of the holidays is staying in and surrounding ourselves with friends and family while playing fun games, eating way too many cookies, snuggling up by the fire and just simply spending time together. It’s one of the “little things” in life that make us so happy! We curated this collection filled with tons of cozy gifts & comfy clothes to make slowing down this holiday season with loved ones even better! Here are our 10 favorite cozy things below!

1. Fleece Onesies
Fleece Onesies 

We made the cutest Fleece Onesies in the whole world! They’re made out of our tapestry blanket fabric and come in fun colorful prints! It’s so fun to match with your friends at sleepovers and movie nights or wear as Christmas morning pajamas! You’ll seriously want to live in these!

2. Sweatshirts

Pocket Sweatshirts

Comfy Sweatshirts make us happy! They’re oversized in the best way, feature a most-loved Chirp and the best part is… they have pockets!

3. Heating Pads 

Heating Pads

The cutest Heating Pads ever that feel like a dose of coziness! They’re filled with rice and lavender to help you relax at home while snuggled up on the couch with your pup!

4. Chirp Puzzles 

Chirp Puzzles

We love puzzles! They’re the perfect activity to do when you’re just hanging out at home with your family. Fill up your favorite mug with hot cocoa and take over your kitchen table with a cute puzzle that inspires you!

5. Faux Fur Blankets 

Faux Fur Blanket

These blankets are the best cozy gift EVER! We discovered them last year and now we literally can’t live without them! We have one for every sofa, chair and bed in our house and everywhere at the office. We cozy up with them while drinking morning coffee, checking emails, sipping on wine and hanging out with our dogs. We put our most-loved Chirps on one side and super soft faux fur on the other… the best 2-in-1 gift!

6. Over-The-Knee Socks 

Over-the-Knee Socks

These Over the Knee Socks make such a cute stocking stuffer! They look like a little stuffed animal when they’re folded up and hit thigh high when you wear them. We love pairing with an oversized sweatshirt to make lounging around the house so much comfier!

7. Cami PJ Set 

Cami PJ Set

There’s just something about waking up in cute pajamas that start your day off right! This PJ Set is so soft and have such cute little details like a delicate lace trim and lettuce edge!

8. Candles 


We love to collect candles and spent so much time making ours perfect! They’re our favorite for so many reasons… their beautiful artwork, amazing smell, clean and even burn so no messes and they make every space soooo much cozier! We love dimming the lights, getting in our comfy PJs and lighting a few candles to start a cute holiday movie!

9. Socks 

Cute & Colorful Socks
$10- $28

Socks are the perfect cozy gift because you can never have too many! We hear from so many people that they love gifting Natural Life socks to girls & women of all ages… so we made a ton of different pairs for this holiday season! Some fit over the knees, others have cute critters on them and they all have lots of fun little details like ruffles, pompoms and tassels!

10. Blanket Hoodies

Blanket Hoodie

Life is better when you’re cozy… and this hoodie is proof of that! It’s so soft, has an oversized hood and fun trim detail! It’s perfect for staying in or wearing out while walking your dog! You can literally wear this anywhere and with any outfit!

Have fun discovering more of our favorites in the Natural Life Cozy Shop! No matter what you do this holiday season, make sure you slow down & take time to enjoy the little things! 

September 16, 2020