Our main partner in Asia is an extension of our Natural Life family! The talented husband and wife founders are retiring this month and their incredible son who will take the reins reached out and asked me to create a little video for their big retirement celebration with their whole company.

We had so much fun putting together this video for Jacker & Agnes! We are so grateful for our partnership over the last 20 years and we would not be the brand we are with out it. Getting Andrew’s message back was so special to me that I had to share it here.

“Dearest Patti and NL TEAM, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!The video you guys put together is beyond our expectation, so sweet and so awesome! Pandemic has kept us apart for traveling and visiting for 2 years now; therefore it’s especially dear to see and hear from so many old friends!  We missed you all very much.  (Though literally we are on emails with each other on daily basis, haha) Thanks for the extra effort and the attention to details to offer your warm words to Jacker, Agnes and Mentor Team, we are truly overwhelmed.   I cannot wait to see Jacker & Agnes’ expression when we play the video to them this Friday! We are also very positive this video will mean so much to not just Jacker, Agnes, Lizzy and myself, but to all Mentor team as well.   Especially for those new members who has yet to have chance to visit the sacred headquarter where the magic of all NL treasures come to live!We are glad to share with them all a tour of NL home and all your warm words.  Guess what, the feeling is mutual, Mentor will not be here were it not for Patti’s great vision, leadership, and partnership with the amazing NL team.   We love working with you all and we are looking very forward to next chapter of our adventure together for many many more years to come..”

The Natural Life family can’t wait to hear back from our partner on how the retirement celebration goes! It is so wonderful to hear how we have touched their hearts, as they have been an amazing group to work with on creating the Natural Life magic.

March 16, 2023