We are beyond proud of Kim Vincenty, our founding partner in the Natural Life FEARLESS Collection! At the International OCD Foundation Conference, Kim was given the IOCDF Hero Award, recognizing her for standing out the most this past year for raising awareness / advocating for OCD and related disorders!

She comments on her social media, “My advocacy was born strictly from love. I began advocating for my child but then fell in love with a community of people that inspired me to try to do more. I want to keep doing all I can to grow resources for those living with OCD, their families, and the clinicians that care for them. I know I’m “just a mom”, but I’m convinced there is power in a mother’s love.”

Pictured above (from left to right) Ashton Wikstrom (Kim’s daughter + Public Relations/Communications), Kim Vincenty (Founder & President of JACK), Jack Vincenty (Kim’s son & an aspiring therapist, and the inspiration behind JACK), Chente Vincenty (Kim's husband).

 Kim is now the founder and President of the board of her new 501c3, JACK Mental Health Advocacy (JACK MHA) which our FEARLESS Collection givesback to. Kim is a mother, wife, OCD advocate, speaker, and support group facilitator who has spent the past 10 years fostering community and helping families find the best resources for mental health education, intervention and recovery.

Kim most recently served as the president for OCD Jacksonville, an affiliate of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF). Kim is currently an IOCDF Advocate.  Known for sharing her relatable story, Kim has articles published in TODAY, Motherly, The Mighty, and Yahoo News and has been a guest on the OCD Stories Podcast. In 2022, she launched JACK to expand her reach and continue to be a resource (and mom friend) to sufferers and families across the nation.

Thank you for all you do, Kim! We love creating FEARLESS products, that are special to our hearts and support the amazing organization you have built!


Support JACK MHA by shopping our FEARLESS Giveback Collection, and check out our Fearless Resource Page for more information on how to help with anxiety disorders.

July 25, 2023
Tags: Give Back!