We are obsessed with decorating our cars with bright and colorful car accessories! We went on an inspiration trip to India a few years ago and fell in LOVE with how the locals decorated their vehicles. Their tuk tuks, cars, trucks and taxis were decked out with colorful paint, tassels & adornments.

We were so inspired that we came home and made our own collection of Natural Life Car Accessories!


It has been so fun to see how much our customers love Natural Life Car Accessories too! They really do say it best!

"Love my Steering Wheel Cover, it's so cute and fits better than I hoped it would. I also ordered tassels and a faux succulent to hang from my rear view mirror, and a pop-up garbage bag. Everything looks so good together, I smile every time I get into my car!" - Jill M.

Fun car accessories

"Drivers let me in a lot easier seeing the Kindness Matters magnet on the side of my car! It makes for a wonderful day being reminded to be kind in your life!" - Sharon

Inspiring Car Magnets

"I have this magnet on the back of my car so I see it every time I get in and out & it reminds others in traffic behind me to be patient & kind. It's so pretty & a perfect size." - Mary D.

"I love my little succulent so much and love that I get to see it every time I'm in my car!! It makes smile." - Sarah

Sloth Hanging Faux Succulent

"I love my car treasures! They bring color and fun to my car. I’m in my car a lot so I love the whimsy and all the colors. I had initially bought them to kick off our spring break road trip! So now it feels like a road trip all the time ??☀️?" - Joy C.

Two girls in decorated car

It's the little things... like bright and inspirational car accessories that make you happy!

Decorated keychains
Beautiful Girl Air Freshener
Key caps
Fringe Steering Wheel Cover
Car Tissues
God Made You Air Freshener

I have had two of the car coasters for a number of years... that have the message, “Be Happy” and “Make a difference.” It’s the last thing I see each day before going into work... and I make a point to read them every day. Because of this, I decided to buy them as a gift for my staff on Admin Professional’s Day. They were a big hit!! - Holly W.

Girl and dog in decorated car

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August 27, 2019