You make the world better just by being in it art graphic
We love teachers! Talk about a profession that can make a difference in the world every single day! Wait until you meet this teacher, Mrs. King! When we learned that she loves Natural Life and uses our treasures to turn her classroom into a sanctuary for her students, we had to go meet her, bring her a HUGE bag of Natural Life Happy...and find out what she was doing and why. Wow! We love her! Get ready for goosebumps and happy tears!
"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning."
-Brad Henry
When we hear that so many teachers use Natural Life treasures to decorate their classrooms and spread positivity to their students, it really inspires us! We are so excited to make more tapestries, posters, wall hangings, room decor and so much more for teachers all over to use in their classrooms and schools too!
We love teachers! Tumbler that says best teacher ever
Cute and colorful clip-folios
Weekly desk planners
Happy notes, each page has inspiring sentiments
"Thank you so much for what your company does to spread happiness in the world and for recognizing that a lot of kids "happiness" begins in the classroom! Your products are designed perfectly to make each student feel comfortable and accepted in their home away from home!"
-Lacy Martin, teacher in Reidsville, GA
We love teachers so this makes the perfect gift! Cute girl in front of tapestry that says Your wings exist all you have to do is fly
There are so many opportunities to spoil your kids teachers... from the first day of school, to Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Day and even an end of year thank you gift! We make the perfect little gifts to show them how appreciated they really are! We hope you love teachers as much as we love teachers!
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February 17, 2020