We love inspiring people to Give & Live Happy… that’s why we created the Chirp! It’s what we call the inspiring graphics that we send in a daily email and post on our Instagram. We’ve had so many people ask us to turn them into phone wallpapers so we took our a few of our most loved Chirps and made inspirational phone wallpapers for you!

Follow these quick instructions for how to save these photos as your wallpaper!
  1. If you’re already on your phone, hold down your finger on the photo you’d like to make your wallpaper
  2. Tap “Add to Photos”
  3. Once you’ve saved all of the wallpapers you want to use, go to your photos and tap “Use as Wallpaper”
  4. Zoom in or out depending on how you want to use it!
Comment below if you have any questions and let us know what other inspirational phone wallpapers you’d like for us to make! You can see any treasures that we make with your favorite Chirps here!
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September 10, 2020