Our Artist and Product Development Teams work so hard to create the Magic of Natural Life… sometimes a little too hard! I wanted to take a few days for an artist retreat with this special team to slow down, reflect, bond and laugh together! We drove Hazel, the Happy Camper, to the farm I found near Asheville for a long weekend. We had so much fun enjoying the “little things” that make life awesome…like picnics at the rest stop, exploring Asheville for inspiration, dancing at the drum circle & EATING yummy food! We’re going to make a video with all the fun clips we have soon… in the meantime, we’ll share some fun photos we took!

Patti Hughes, Natural Life Founder & CEO
Group of girls on artist retreat roadtrip
If you've ever wondered who designs all of our Natural Life treasures... it's this team right here! We stopped on the way to pick up Shannon, one of our Product Development Graphic Artists, who lives in Savannah, GA!
Girls at picnic
One of the best parts of long road trips is celebrating as you pass a new state sign! Our Natural Life Chef, Brian, packed us the yummiest lunches ever and we stopped for a little picnic at the South Carolina Welcome Center!
Artist retreat selfie on farm
Sara, one of our Marketing Graphic Designers, took a selfie of all of us once we got to the farm! We couldn't wait to explore and relax... with a glass of wine in hand!
girl looming
Erin, one of our Product Developers, brought a loom with her! She started it from a blank slate on the drive up to Asheville... which was 7 hours. She made up the design as she went and it turned out amazing!
Shannon painting
Artist retreat crafts
One of the days was gloomy and soooo cozy! We all wore our favorite sweatshirts and took advantage of the weather as we sat outside painting the views - mountains, goats, chickens, rolling hills. These are our favorite moments to relax and just be inspired by nature!
girls laughing with coffee
Our first stop exploring downtown Asheville was of course for coffee! We love exploring new areas and finding the coolest coffee shops. It's our dream to open one someday! We loved High Five Coffee... yummy coffee and dog friendly... our favorite!
artist retreat girls outside of tupelo honey
We spent a day exploring downtown Asheville which made us all super hungry… for Tupelo Honey. Their food and drinks are SO GOOD. They make fresh homemade biscuits with blueberry jam and honey and deliver them as your free appetizer. We ate more than we could count!
Lisa took advantage of the beautiful golden hour while exploring the farm! 
girl dancing in drum circle
This drum circle is a favorite Asheville tradition for both locals and visitors. Anyone can join in by drumming or dancing... which we did A LOT of!
Girl on swing
I made sure to take some time during our artist retreat to stop and enjoy the little things!
girls walking down street during artist retreat
Marilia, one of our photographers, captured this sweet candid of Shannon and Sara!
find the magic van camper graphic
We have SO much fun traveling in Hazel, our Happy Camper!
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October 09, 2019