Often times we find ourselves so caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life… from the moment our alarm clock goes off in the morning, our day is in constant motion- racing off to work, email after email, rush hour traffic on the way home, texts, phone calls, more texts, throwing something together for dinner before hopefully getting a moment to watch a quick episode of whatever before dozing off- just to start all over again tomorrow. Life doesn’t really allow much time for us to stop for a moment and just BE in the moment… but is it life? Or is it that we don’t allow ourselves the time to stop, enjoy what is going on around us and BE all there? It might take a certain event or person to inspire you to embrace and appreciate the little things, or maybe even something you just so happen to stumble upon in your life…. This exact thing happened to one of our customers, Laura Murchison, when she purchased our Fox Mug! We are so happy that she shared her story with us, we hope it will be as inspiring for you as it was for us! Read below…
Girl holding a Natural Life mug shaped like a fox
“Joy is often found in the little things. Since I refuse to use my wolf mugs for fear of breaking them, years ago I took to enjoying my morning cups of coffee with foxes. Fox, after all, is kin to coyote, who is cousin to wolf. My regular fox mug started to look gross no matter how much I cleaned it. On a whim, I saw this happy fox in a catalog and decided to get him. I have always been a details person and often delight in the whimsical. After Foxy arrived I confirmed he was indeed dishwasher and microwave safe as I waited for my chicory coffee from New Orleans’ Café du Monde to finish brewing.
Natural Life mug shaped like a fox
After I’d poured my coffee and added my organic hazelnut almond milk creamer I noticed something … at the top of my new mug, written in tiny black letters, were the words, “Wherever you are, be all there.” I was completely and delightfully surprised to find the quirky script as well as the sort of informal mantra that greeted me. So I did some research and learned the quote belonged to the late Christian missionary Jim Elliot. As I sat down to savor my first sip I found myself rereading the little words again. I had no idea when I’d ordered it that it contained any type of quote. I like to get going before my husband and daughter, so I sat in silence as I contemplated this. It was just six words but they were packed with so much meaning. I thought about my childhood and knew that I was definitely “all there” with my sweet parents. But with the advent of my beloved iPhone, I realize it has made me not fully present in some ways. While I have used it to record so much of my married life and practically everything our child has ever done, I do not feel that by documenting it I lost anything in the moment. When I have not been “all there” were the times I just wanted to read instead of drawing with my little girl. I have texted as I’ve listened with half an ear to my husband’s paranormal interests; yet he has read each and every one of my blogs. I REALLY want to be fully present with my family, whom I love with all my heart. I want to be more “there” with friends and strangers and places I encounter. Dear readers, wherever you are, be all there.” -Laura Murchison
Life takes us in many different directions, all the time, but if we can just remember these six words… it might be a more meaningful adventure… wherever you are, be all there. You can read her blog here!
July 01, 2018