Natural Life loves inspiring girls and women to live happy... which is exactly what Girl Talk does! It is a non-profit peer-to-peer mentoring program with a simple premise: high school girls mentor middle school girls. The chapter helps young girls build self-esteem, develop leadership skills and recognize the value of community service.
Girl Talk girls
The first Live Happy Girl Talk Chapter meeting at our Flagship Store in Jacksonville, FL!
Natural Life started a chapter in 2013 and has had SO much fun since then! We are beyond proud to partner with an organization that has served more than 50,000 girls in 43 states and 7 counties.
Girl Talk girls
Our first adviser, Alisha Esfahani, and leader, Julie Waud, and their group volunteering at the McKenzie Run!
Rion Paige with Girl Talk Founder and Executive Direcror, Haley Kilpatrick at the Natural Life Music Festival


The super-talented Rion Paige with Girl Talk Founder and Executive Direcror, Haley Kilpatrick at the Natural Life Music Festival!

Starting a chapter is SO easy!! It's rewarding to help middle school girls by being a role model for them and teaching the Girl Talk curriculum. Taking initiative to start a chapter in your community is awesome leadership and community service experience too!!

6 Easy Steps to Starting a new Girl Talk Chapter

LEARN everything you need to know about starting a Chapter in the Girl Talk Handbook.

ENSURE you have the basic requirements for a Chapter: one high school girl to lead, one adult to advise, a place to meet, and at least one middle school girl to attend!

TELL Girl Talk all about you and provide the data they need to begin your Chapter registration process by visiting the Start Your Chapter Here! section of the website and following the online instructions.

SEND your Leader and Advisor Contracts, along with copies of your photo IDs, to Girl Talk once you receive your Chapter confirmation code by email. You’ll receive notification that your Chapter has been successfully registered once your documents have been reviewed by Girl Talk!

GET everything you need to advertise and plan your first meeting by visiting the Leader Login section of our website and accessing a world of free Girl Talk resources with the username and password you entered at the beginning of the registration process.

OPEN the doors to your first meeting! And watch what a difference your Chapter will make in the lives of the middle school girls in your community, and in your own.

Girl Talk girls
February 25, 2016
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