"We've all heard the phrase " What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Really? I think we would all like to skip the hard stuff! Too many trials, tragedies, or traumatic events can have a devastating effect on the human psyche. Thankfully we have resources and trained professionals to help in those circumstances. No question, therapy helps! But research does show that hardship can improve us in many ways. 

Adversity helps us learn coping skills that develop during trying times. We also get more creative in problem solving and our experiences become our guides for future decision making. "Hindsight is 20/20"! As we soldier through the battles of life we gain wisdom and courage. That's why boot camp builds strong recruits, when our metal is tested we are better able to cope with the next stressful situation.

Trials also have a way of building compassion and empathy. Our pain and anguish is often best addressed in the care and service of others. Ultimately, hardship teaches us to value things more. Covid-19 has made us appreciate Netflix and our streaming services as never before. But it has also shown us that our health, our people and our place in the world are the things that really matter."

— Kim Vincenty, President of OCD Jacksonville
and the inspiration behind the FEARLESS Collection

October 28, 2020
Tags: Give Back!