We’re always looking for fun ways to photograph our new products, whether it be a new place, different time of day… or a groovy, refurbished car! We love old trucks, vans, and campers… especially in our photos! We found out that one of our Customer Experience team members had a family truck that was recently restored, and they agreed to let us borrow it for our photoshoot!This 1966 Chevrolet C-10 pickup has been taken from its original deep red to a bright, new sea foam green! The best part about this truck is that the story behind it is just as magical as the way it looks! 

The 1966 Chevrolet C-10 then & now!

"My grandfather bought it in Clarksburg, Tennessee, where he lived. He was a carpenter who built houses, and was beloved in his small community. He had 4 daughters, and 10 grandchildren. We called him “Pa”. We grandkids had lots of good times riding around and playing in the back of that truck. My older brother actually learned how to drive in that truck! After Pa passed away in 1983, my mother and father inherited it, and used it for 36 years. It has hauled college furniture, appliances, bicycles, animals, Christmas trees, you name it! As my parents aged and their health began to decline, keeping the truck was not practical. By 2019 the truck was 53 years old and rusty, with a lot of wear and tear. My husband is a “car enthusiast” and has 2 classic Ford Mustangs that have been restored, and my son, Jake, is a chip off the engine block… loving cars as much as his father! They wanted to restore the truck and keep it in the family. My parents gave the truck to Jake, and the year was spent restoring it. It was finished in April, 2020. Sadly, my father died in February, 2020, and did not get to see it finished. 

My mother, who lives in Nashville, was able to see the restored version for the first time this past Thanksgiving. When Jake told her he was taking her for a ride in it, she said, “Ride? I want to drive it!”  And that’s what she did.

My 81 year-old mother giving a thumbs up in her father's truck! My son, Jake, with his finished car!

 We were very honored when we were asked if the truck could be used in the Natural Life photo shoot! We are proud of this truck and what it means to our family. We look at the website regularly to see what images are popping up, and smile whenever we see it. My mother is battling cancer so the smiles these pictures bring to her face are especially meaningful to us, and we are grateful for them!”

–Barbara Richard, Natural Life CE team member

The truck was used for a Natural Life photo shoot!

March 16, 2023