Copper tubing is one of our favorite materials to work with... and it's so easy! Allison, our Creative Director, uses it to make all sorts of super-cute decor like embroidery hoops, dream catchers and really cool signs. The copper color is PERFECT for fall, too!
inside sign
Our fall window at the Natural Life Flagship Store in Jacksonville, FL .. Take a peek at our autumn favs!
  • Copper tubing: We find ours at a local hardware store like this.
  • Cute little decorations: Embroidered thread or rhinestones to add a little sparkle!
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    How to:
    She doesn't really use any tools, besides her hands and feet to push, pull, and bend the tube. It's all free-style! Some letters are easier to bend into shape than others and making the letter L is the most fun. When we were thinking of a store window idea, we thought it would be fun to do HELLO FALL - 2 sets of double L’s! While bending and shaping, a few office pals lent a hand (and a foot!) so it turned into a fun office project!
    Hello Fall!
    Also, THIS happened & YES, it's as DELICIOUS as it looks! We love Hyppo Pop! hyppo-pump
    Pumpkin season is BACK!!
    September 27, 2019