photo of owl and fox shaped cookies in a fall colored theme

We love the fall... and we love celebrating... so we threw a big party at our HQ to celebrate us reaching our goals! Our office filled with autumn flowers, fall themed-cookies and lots of yummy candy!


How cozy is our new entrance! We love seeing this first thing every morning when we walk in!


Cutest cookies ever! Our local bakery, Cinotti's is the BEST!

photo of a fall themed flower arrangement


Our Office Coordinator could definitely double as a florist! The arrangements smelled as beautiful as they looked!


It's not a party without a toast from Patti!


Can't it just be fall forever?


YUMMM! Can't go wrong with Halloween Candy leftovers ?


It was even dark, chilly and rainy outside... the candles were the perfect touch to make it cozy!


And of course yummy food! It's so fun to stop for a second to celebrate the little things!

September 30, 2016