January the beginning of anything you want designed Natural Life Chirp

 Happy New Year Everyone!

Thank you so much for being part of this amazing Natural Life community! We are girls & women of all ages who wake up every day with a passion for life…striving to be better at learning, giving, loving... and Living Happy!
To say that it has been a year like any other is an understatement, but YOU kept us motivated with your messages of positivity, appreciation, gratitude, joy…and we really did feel like we were helping to make things better for everyone! It meant so much to us and now we’re more inspired and enthusiastic than we’ve ever been. We're excited to share our goals with you for a 2021 filled with positivity! 

1. Design more irresistible treasures that inspire people to Give & Live Happy!

We’ve been working around the clock to bring you even more unique treasures that make life more fun! Since we love nesting inside our homes, we have plans to explore & experiment with making larger treasures for Home and Outside. Please help inspire us by sharing what you would like us to make!

2. Expand our Natural Life clothing line…we cannot WAIT!

Our plans include bringing you TEN TIMES MORE clothes than we did last year! We love to make clothes we want to wear…all with the Natural Life style we describe as Bohemian, comfortable, colorful, casual, easy…and fun to wear!

3. Get better at everything we do!

Not only do we want to make treasures you LOVE...we want every single experience you have with Natural Life to be awesome! Please help by telling us what you think any chance you get…we read every single message and review!

4. Stay connected and social…safely!

We’re thinking of more ways to get to know you, connect and be with you! You are our VIPs and we love you!

5. Take care of ourselves mentally & physically!

For over five years, I’ve talked about taking a week off and going to a spa retreat to work on my health…and I’ve never acted on it! Guess what? My daughters signed me up and I’m going! I’ll share my experience with you when I return at the end of January! :)

Happy New Year!


Patti & the Natural Life Family

Patti, Founder of Natural Life, with her dog Harley at the beach with the text "the best time for new beginnings is now" overlaid.

January 02, 2021