Art graphic that says "Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be ok"
We believe that everyone can make a difference... and everyone should try! When a close friend had the idea to start an inspirational giveback collection to help the many people struggling with anxiety, we couldn't wait to put our heads together and get started!

“Forward. You only need to focus on one little step forward. You don’t need to conquer the entire mountain right now. You don’t need to have everything figured out today. The only possibly way to climb a mountain is by climbing it one step at a time. Don’t think about the peak, don’t worry about what may come later. Instead, focus on the one little step in front of you. The rest will come when it’s time. For now, it’s just one little step.”

Nikki Banas
Fearless Collection Graphic with information about anxiety
A few years ago, Kim Vincenty, a Board Member of OCD Jacksonville, called Patti, Natural Life Founder & CEO, to talk about the possibility of partnering up to “do something together”. After a lot of time, attention and hard work, the FEARLESS Collection was created!

We designed the products we knew our customers would love and Kim shared the most powerful sentiments that she knew would really help people struggling with Anxiety Disorders. A portion of the proceeds from this inspirational giveback collection benefits the non-profit, OCD Jacksonville. You can read more about Anxiety Disorders on our FEARLESS Resource Page here and learn how to get help for yourself or someone you love.
Everything is so uncertain right now and it's causing so much anxiety all over the world! Our FEARLESS Collection is so inspirational and we hope these inspiring products and sentiments will help remind you to stay calm and be FEARLESS!
Inspirational Giveback Collection, FEARLESS, featuring flatlay with a tee, mug, book, prayer box and more.
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“I just wanted to share something with you guys. I am an infertility nurse in Utah. I saw the Fearless Notes on your website and got them so I could give them to my patients as they get ready for treatment. I love them so much! My manager also loved them and we have ordered 7 more books so we can continue to give them to our patients as they start treatment! Thank you so much for making them! Your FEARLESS Collection is so inspirational! Love your company!!!” - Morgan Baker

inspirational giveback collection book of notes
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January 24, 2020