Most people will admit to having at least one good cry since March. As our world closed down and activities came to a screeching halt, fear and anxiety began to rule the day. So why then do we call it a "good cry" when everything seems terrible?
Tears are a natural response to emotions such as sadness, joy, loss, worry and frustration. Humans cry regularly. But shedding those tears can have a calming effect. Crying releases oxytocin and endorphins, brain chemicals that make people feel good. This release can reduce physical and emotional pain and ease the body into relaxation. Tears also trigger the release of stress hormones, creating a very efficient pressure outlet. Our weeping also helps us get love and support from others. In those tearful moments we often more freely express pent up anxieties or distress. So, grab those tissues, open a chocolate bar and zoom with a close friend. You'll feel better soon!" - Kim Vincenty, President of OCD Jacksonville.
A few years ago Kim called Patti, Natural Life Founder & CEO, to talk about the possibility of partnering up to “do something together”. After a lot of time, attention and hard work, the FEARLESS Collection was created! We designed products like our Car Tissues that we knew our customers would love and Kim shared the most powerful sentiments that she knew would really help people struggling with Anxiety Disorders.


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A portion of the proceeds from our FEARLESS Giveback Collection benefits the non-profit, OCD Jacksonville. You can read more about Anxiety Disorders on our FEARLESS Resource Page here and learn how to get help for yourself or someone you love.

September 11, 2021