Today we celebrate all women, but especially the ones who help make Natural Life magical.

Our Story

I grew up with a mother who had a passion for making things! My mom was rarely seen without sawdust in her hair, stain on her fingers, or a paintbrush behind her ear. It was only natural that her love to create eventually evolved into her own little gift business, which she ran in the basement of our home. Her business was a big part of our family's life. Looking back, I realize now that growing up around her passion and business is the deepest root of the Natural Life story.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Three decades later, in 1996, I discovered that same passion for making things when I began taking black and white photos of things I love...

The First Natural Life Product

Before I could find my first customer to photograph, friends and family began asking to buy the photos off my wall! This inspired me to frame my favorite photos as tiny keepsakes and magnets and sign up for a local arts market. 

Do What You Love and You'll Never Work a Day in Your Life

I had found my passion and felt happier than I had ever been before. The gifts my mother quietly passed down to me not only gave me the courage and knowledge to start my own business, but the talent to create things people love! 

We love to inspire people to Give & Live Happy! 

My biggest hope is that my daughters, along with girls and women all over the world, will discover their talents and passions so they can enjoy life doing what they love. When that magic happens, you can live happy, enjoy the little things and make the world a better place… living your “Natural Life”. Thanks for being a part of this journey with me and the Natural Life family!
Patti Hughes
Founder & CEO of Natural Life

The Women of Natural Life

The Natural Life Family is made up of many smart, creative, and ambitious women. Natural Life wouldn't be where it is today without the heart and soul of hard working women, especially Patti! Every person provides a unique perspective when collaborating together to bring the best products and experience to our customers.
At Natural Life, we love to celebrate! Whether it is for a big accomplishment, achieving a goal, a birthday, or a real-life moment, the women of Natural Life are always there to support one another! And to that... we cheers! Cheers to women & happy International Women's Day, to all! 

When women get together, amazing things happen!

March 08, 2022