The best part of Christmas morning… unwrapping your stocking! 

"Growing up, we'd always save our stockings until the very end because my mom put the best little treasures inside! It's so fun to make the day last as long as possible! The happy memories of unwrapping our stockings is just one of the inspirations behind all of our tiny treasures!" 🎄❤️

 -Patti Hughes, CEO & Founder of Natural Life

Perfect little gifts and stocking stuffers
It’s the little things in life…. which is why we love making tiny treasures that are perfect stocking stuffers! Every little treasure has a special story behind it which makes it even more fun to give and receive! We put together a Stocking Stuffer Shop filled with tons of cute stocking stuffer ideas for women and girls of all ages!

1. Worry Dolls  
Worry dolls
Worry Dolls 

We fell in love with these handcrafted Worry Dolls while on an inspiration trip in Central America! According to the ancient Mayan folklore, before you go to bed tell your little doll your worries, place it under your pillow and when you wake in the morning your worries will be gone! They make such a fun and unique stocking stuffer for loved ones and friends!

2. Prayer Boxes

Prayer boxes
Prayer Boxes

Prayer is powerful! We believe in the power of prayer and love giving the Prayer Box as a gift! Each one has an uplifting message inside like, “When your head starts to worry, and your mind just can’t rest, put your prayers down on paper and let God do the rest”.

3. Lucky Charms 

Lucky charms

Lucky Charms

These Lucky Charms are another one of our all-time favorite stocking stuffers! There are the cutest critters ever to choose from with a sweet message on the inside of the box, “A lucky little charm to watch over you, bringing good luck and protection the whole day through. Carry one in your pocket or sit one in your room, you'll feel their love and happiness, and good luck will follow you.” They're so much fun to collect and they make the sweetest gifts!

4. Cozy Socks 

Cozy socks 
Cozy Socks

Life is too short for boring socks!! Our Cozy Socks are so soft and comfy and look like little stuffed animals when they're folded up... making them the perfect stocking stuffer! Here are a few reasons why they we love giving them!
They fill a gift bag but don’t break the bank, they’re like a hug for your feet, they’re loved by all ages, pretty much one size fits all and you can pick a theme you know they’ll love!

5. Ceramic Jar Candles
Ceramic jar candles
Ceramic Jar Candles 
You can never have too many candles… ❤️ A natural cork lid tops a unique ceramic container that is perfect to reuse to hold your little things once the candle is burned away.

6. Happy Notes 
Happy notes
Happy Notes

Our Happy Notes are the perfect way to spread a little happiness! Each book features more than 85 of our favorite Chirps and they’re perforated for easy tearing! You can share them with co-workers, in your kid’s lunchboxes or just hung up around your room! 

7. Game Sets 

Game sets

Game Sets
$12- $14 

Remember these fun games? We ❤️ nostalgic games sooo much, we made a collection of our favorites! You can choose from a few of the classics like Jacks, Pegs and Dice Games including LCR, Going to Boston and Bunco! They’re perfect at-home activities that everyone can play while hanging out during the holidays!

 8. Boho Bands 

Boho bands

Boho Bands 

You can never have too many hair accessories! Our Boho Bands are sooo cute & versatile…you can wear them as a pony holder, headband or bracelet and choose from fun floral and tie-dye prints!

9. Perfect Tiny Studs 

Perfect tiny studs

The Perfect Tiny Studs

We’re obsessed with our Perfect Tiny Studs! They’re gold plated and come in a ready-to-gift box that features a heartfelt sentiment on it! They go with every outfit and sooo easy to wear too… you can even sleep in them! 

10. Playing cards 

Playing cards

Playing Cards 

We have so much fun playing card games when everyone is home for the holidays that we had to make our own decks with our most-loved Chirp sentiments and artwork!
Sometimes it really is more fun to give than it is to receive! Especially when you find the perfect little gift that you can't wait to give to someone! That feeling is what inspires us to make irresistible treasures that make everyday life more fun and spread hope & happiness to girls and women of all ages!
Happy Holidays from your Natural Life family! ❤️
December 13, 2021