International Coffee day is September 29th and the perfect prompt to write about how much we love coffee! 
Coffee with the girls
We’ve noticed that coffee shops bring communities and people together and think the world needs more of that! If you are in a coffee shop and aren't already feeling happy just stick around a while, it will most likely inspire happiness just being in there! ❤️
We love coffee and coffee shops so much that we plan to open a Coffee Shop near our corporate office called The Chirp! It will have all kinds of amazing coffee drinks (yes, we’ll have our own The Chirp branded coffee beans), delicious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and even have a little Natural Life Nook where people can shop our treasures! We even have a Pinterest page called The Chirp where we are collecting all our ideas for how our coffee shop will look!
Coffee together is always a good idea!
Why do most people love coffee? Maybe because early morning coffee when you first wake up is probably the best, most peaceful time of the day…it just is and always will be! The other “perk” is the fact that it truly does PERK you up for the day (that was an awesome accidental pun right there)! What else? We would say…
As you probably already know, we make several Natural Life treasures around the subject of coffee…but of course our favorite is our coffee mugs!
September 29, 2020