My daughter Madison (OMG she is 26 now!) found that she had a gift of singing when she was in the 5th grade. She was the quiet girl that never tried to fit in or be the center of attention. In her 5th grade end of year talent show (everyone was forced to participate) she decided to play her guitar since she had just started lessons 3 weeks before. The room was packed with parents and Madison’s part was toward the end. She comes out on the stage by herself with much to my surprise one of the funky hats I found on a global inspiration trip for Natural Life. I sat in the back row with my camcorder and about fell over when she belted out in perfect beat the song Wild Thing that her guitar teacher taught her. Everyone in the room was captivated and from that day I have encouraged my daughters, friends, YOU and everyone I meet that if you can find what you are good at and what you love to do, magic happens! (haha read our mantra!) Can you believe I hit the record button but it had been recording the floor so I actually turned it off…so NO VIDEO of this magical moment!

Madison has not had an easy, perfect journey between 5th grade and now…but she always kept music in her life and has been her favorite way to express herself to the world. A year ago, she applied for NBC's The Voice, after years of Lesli (our CFO & dear family friend) encouraging her to apply, along with 200,000 other people!! She kept passing the auditions, interviews, personality tests and more auditions…. and made it all the way to the top 100!
Madison had to figure out how to overcome her fear of performing in front of people in order to get experience on a stage for the show! She signed up for every karaoke event she could find, and pushed through the anxiety that comes with putting yourself out there in such a vulnerable way. Making the show gave her the confidence to do it and it’s unbelievable how much she’s grown personally through the experience. It’s crazy how she made it this far when you hear the other contestants experience in performing.

Madison has been back and forth to LA for about 2 months filming Season 22 of The Voice. The first episode she was on aired this Monday night, September 26th!!! You can watch her full Blind Audition on NBC's The Voice here! Don’t laugh at me (Patti) on the sidelines, in full mother worry mode… then FREAKING OUT mode when you see how it went!!!

Madison lives in Nashville, Tennessee now, working as a freelance videographer while she writes music and tries to make it in the music industry. Be sure to tune in to The Voice to see how she does, & follow her on social media to see her behind the scenes experience…and to follow along on her journey!

Madison's Instagram: @itsmadisonhughes

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Madison's YouTube: MadisonHughesMusic

March 16, 2023