Alexis, our Assistant Merchandiser, made the prettiest flowers for our Flagship Store window! They were so quick and easy to make... she filled up the window in no time! See below for a step-by-step tutorial so you can make your own!


-Brightly Colored Tissue Paper -String -Scissors

Step 1

Stack your tissue paper pieces and fold like an accordion

1-compressor (1) 6-compressor

Step 2

Tie a string in the middle

3-compressor 5-compressor

Step 3

Cut the ends in a V-Shape... this will give the flower-like edges!



Step 4

You're pretty much done! Now, just pull up each color so that they're standing straight

9-compressor 10-compressor



16-compressor 14-compressor 11-compressor FullSizeRender-compressor flo-compressor

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October 27, 2019