No Hate. No Shade. Don't Judge. Just Love.
Vera Ahiyya is a kindergarten teacher who has gone viral in the most positive way possible! We were so inspired by how she has taken advantage of so many negative circumstances and wanted to highlight her by sharing her story!
Amidst all of the turmoil currently surrounding our nation we stumbled upon Vera's story and how she is educating her kindergarten class on how to gently approach racism. She begins her Youtube video saying "This is not a type of disease that you catch from person to person, it's something that happens with the way that people think. And some have the belief that people with black or brown skin do not have the same rights or beliefs as people with white skin. This is called racism."
Ahiyya continued to describe all of the differences we as humans have and how our race is just one small aspect of what makes us, US! As adults, we have the voice to teach young children how to approach hard conversations that might be affecting how they view themselves, family members, classmates and friends. Vera stated in her video that her students have a voice and they are able to use that voice by 1. calling it out when they see it 2. writing letters to show support and 3. asking questions to their friends and families. If you would like to watch Vera's awesome video on how she gently explains racism to her kindergarten class, click the link below!
Talking to children and young adults about hard conversations are never easy. If you find yourself in a position to have this conversation you can always break it down to the bare bones; LITERALLY! We are all the same regardless of skin tone! Vera explains in her video that we all have different stories, and there so many factors that make us uniquely beautiful, but under the pigment of our skin, we all have the same bones. You can have your little ones touch your cheek bone, elbow, knee. . . really any bone! Then have them put their hand somewhere on their body . . . and begin to explain that beneath everyone's skin we all have . . . bones!
Finding commonalities between everyone on this planet is so beautiful and finding differences is only natural! Whether it be eye color, hobbies, nationality your personality and even skin tone! All of these traits are special, distinctive features to be embraced as they are the aspects of of what makes us individually unique!
Photo of Vera Ahiyya in her classroom holding a book
Never be afraid to ask questions, continue learning, stick up for those too scared, and be a light for our younger generation! We would love to hear how you are spreading love and positivity to the little ones in your life!
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July 20, 2020