We absolutely love birthdays and last week we got to celebrate not one but TWO! Rowan and Caiden are huge NL Fans and we couldn't be more flattered that they wanted to share their birthday with us!
Office bday patti
(Our Inspiration Flags make for the COOLEST bday party décor!)
Rowan looks forward to our Community First Natural Life Folk Festival and in-store festivals every year and dreamed to have her birthday party at our Flagship Store in Jacksonville, FL! We were flattered to be asked to host a party for her!
Rowan Bday 2
We got out some of our favorite crafts from our Natural Life Folk Festival and cranked up some Taylor Swift! :)
Office bday
Caiden & her mom are regulars at our Natural Life Flagship Store and have been a vendor at our Folk Festival! Caiden has always wanted to learn the story behind each of our products and what better of a place than our Corporate Headquarters to tour and experience the magic of Natural Life!
The girls got to tour our offices, make God's Eyes & DIY Painted Rocks and spend some time with Patti, our AWESOME creative leader! Patti shared with them how each of our products are simple things we all use everyday that we bring to life with beautiful art!
Rowan Bday 5
Caiden and her friends got a SNEAK peek of our November release!
Rowan Bday 3
Rummaging through Junk Market charms to create the perfect personalized jewelry piece!
office bday 3
What a special 9th birthday...for a sweet, special girl!


August 21, 2015