Teacher Make the World a Better Place Graphic Art

  • Patti, the Natural Life Founder & CEO with her three daughters, Halle, Gracie and Madison

  • It goes by so quickly... I still remember all of my daughters first
  • days of school like it was yesterday... and now they're all officially high school graduates! Where does the time go? As I reflect on the years of their education, the faces of so many teachers come to mind, and I wonder if they realize how much I appreciate them caring about my girls. A mother’s dream is for her children to reach their full potential, and teachers have so much influence on both the child and parent!

  • Teachers who love teaching... teach children who love learning!

  • A fun desk decked out with fun classroom decorations... file folders, critter mug, weekly planner & more!


  • World Art Tapestry hanging over a desk decorated in bright and inspiring treasures!

  • Whether you're a teacher or a parent, we wish you the BEST school year yet! Enjoy every carpool, sports game, music concert, school dance and awards ceremony... it goes by so fast!

  • - Patti Hughes, Natural Life Founder & CEO

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  • It makes us SO happy that teachers love using Natural Life treasures to spread positivity in their classroom! We made tons of new treasures that help make classrooms a happy & inspiring place!
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Girl on laptop with a laptop covered in fun stickers!
June 27, 2019