“Beautiful girl, you can do hard things.”
This simple, but powerful quote is the perfect reminder that you can do anything! We are on a mission to inspire people to Give & Live Happy and we love doing that through our messages and irresistible treasures! We can’t believe how viral our Beautiful Girl accessories and treasures went and it makes us SO happy to think of all of the girls & women who will be reminded every day that they are beautiful inside & out and that they are capable of taking on anything that comes their way!
Beautiful Girl You Can Do Hard Things Flatlay

“My granddaughter loved receiving this surprise!!! Everything she pulled out made her smile. Filled my heart with so much joy! Everything is so cute! Brilliant idea!” -Jessica

We think it’s had such an amazing reaction because each person can relate to the quote however it applies to them. From a mom wanting to help her daughter who is struggling in college, to a woman giving a gift to her friend battling cancer, to teachers who want to inspire their students every day.

“I bought these dishes for my 2 daughters, who are 6 and 8 years old. Last month I had a very serious health scare that put me in the hospital for 2 weeks. My sweet daughters had to witness their Mommy being taken away in an ambulance not 1, not 2, but on 3 separate occasions. They were so terrified. So was I. Once I got home and began my long recovery road, I knew it was time for us to heal together. I wanted them to have a reminder of what happened. Not a reminder of my emergency but a reminder that “Beautiful Girl. You can do hard things.” We faced a very scary thing and we got through it, stronger than ever. They display their trinket trays proudly on their dressers and they know exactly what that phrase means. Thank you for having a product that perfectly captures the message I want my daughters growing up knowing ❤️” - Alli A.

Start your Day our Favorite Way—The best way to wake up is with a hot cup of coffee cuddled up on your couch! Our Beautiful Girl Mug makes a perfect gift because it’s the one thing that always fits! If you’re more of an on-the-go- coffee drinker, our colorful Cozy Sleeves are super fun too! They keep drinks warm and you can reuse them over and over.
February 06, 2018