Patti, Halle and Harley outside of Hazel, the Happy Camper!

Patti, her daughters, and their sweet pup Harley took a fun road trip to visit colleges back in February! She reminds her daughters how important it is to see the big picture, and not just focus on finding “the perfect brand name school”, especially if it isn’t right for you, and wanted to remind all of you too! Here are Patti’s thoughts below…

As everyone heads back to college this week, I stumbled upon these photos of a college tour with my daughters from back in February. It got us reminiscing about this fun trip traveling through North Carolina and visiting 4 colleges and Universities. Looking back, we admit it was more about the fun road trip with Hazel & Harley than serious college scouting, LOL!

Halle hanging out inside of Hazel with Harley, the golden retriever!

There is so much pressure put on high school students about getting good grades, being a leader, having extracurricular activities you are passionate about... all for the purpose of getting in to a good college that has a good brand name the family can be proud of. Ugh! Well not us!

We wish all the stressed-out kids out there could relax and just live in the moment. Of course, it’s good to be yourself, be kind, try to find your passions and figure out what your gifts are (even if it’s much later in life), enjoy the little things…and try to make the world a better place. But gosh…. there is a college for everyone…and fancy colleges aren’t better than others.

When we look at resumes, the last thing we do is judge the person based on the college they went to. We look for passionate people who love to grow and want add value to our company. We often say, even interns have the power to make a huge impact at Natural Life just by caring, questioning, thinking, listening, asking, suggesting, etc. It’s a joy to work with people like that!


Patti and Harley
Harley sitting outside of house
Can’t wait for the next road trip! We’d love to hear where you went to college and what made you decide that school! Comment below
Go back, way that little girl walking around barefoot on the sidewalk in the summer sun, worry less, be like her.


"Why worry? If you've done the best you can, worrying won't make it any better." - Walt Disney

July 06, 2018
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