Elizabeth posing for a photo holding a Natural Life camera strap at the festival What do you do at Natural Life?

I am the Senior Merchandising Manager, which basically encompasses everything I love! Every day is different—I could be setting a tradeshow booth, merchandising in our flagship store, working on a photoshoot set, building an assortment plan for an account, or designing new fixtures. I travel somewhere new every month, and get to work with an amazing team of people. I am so thankful!


How did you discover Natural Life?

A good friend of mine introduced me to Patti years ago when I was visiting Jacksonville. We spent a few hours together, and she told me all about the brand. I totally fell in love! But at the time I lived in Philadelphia, so we went our separate ways. Almost 5 years later we got back in touch, and the timing was right for me to join the NL family!!

Elizabeth on a bicycle getting produce for the photoshoot

What Natural Life saying means the most to you?

“Kind people are my kinda people.” If I can teach my children one thing in life, I hope it will be kindness.


What “little things” in life make you happiest?

My daughter’s imagination, my son’s raspy belly-laugh, my husband’s on-point humor. My roll-on oil from Valchemy Lab, avocados, dark chocolate, red wine. And any special gift from a friend, or piece I bring home from traveling. Most recently, I found a clay incense-holder shaped like a hand in New York--I have been burning rose incense non-stop!!

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What’s your favorite Natural Life giveback?

I love our involvement with Rethreaded, the organization that employs women previously affected by the sex-trade. I feel their mission is both beautiful and powerful.


What’s your favorite Natural Life treasure?

My “No More Cooties” toothbrush cover!! I travel so much, a fun toothbrush cover has changed my life!


What’s your most memorable Natural Life Story you’ve experienced while working here?

Oh boy, that’s hard! We have such a fun office life. But for one of my favorite people’s birthdays, we secretly got ahold of her wig collection and surprised her with a wig party! Nothing better than an office full of people wearing tinsel and brightly colored wigs!!


September 27, 2017