It's one of our favorite weeks of the entire year... Random Acts of Kindness Week! Although we try to be kind every week, we make an extra effort to go out of our way and unexpectedly make someone's day! We set out a few Happy Notes Books in the office for the Natural Life family to take and spread some happy. See below for a few super easy ideas that go a long way!


It's the little things happy notes


1. Send someone you love flowers

Natalie, our Marketing Manager, got flowers delivered to the office from her sweet husband!


Natalie with flowers from her husband


2. Treat your favorite traffic officer

Our local traffic officer is an office favorite! He stands outside every single morning whether it's 30 degrees or 90 degrees... always with a smile on his face! Carolyn, our Brand Communication Specialist, brought him a refreshing organic juice and chocolate bar from our favorite juicery, Watts!


Our local traffic officer holding an organic juice and a chocolate bar



organic juice and chocolate bar


3. Visit a children's hospital

... and bring them fun gifts! Lisa and Adrienne, our amazing Natural Life Flagship Store Managers, brought a bunch of Boho Bandeaus to the kids at Wolfsons! They're super comfy and help keep their heads warm!


Lisa and Adrienne at Wolfson Children's Hospital



In a world where you can be anything be yourself


4. Surprise a Drive-thru Window Worker

Korrie, our Marketing Director, treated her son to a little after-school splurge at his favorite fast food place. The woman taking their order was super short and snappy, clearly not having a good day. Instead of getting snappy back, Korrie sincerely asked her, "How is your day going?" She replied, "Oh, it's just one thing after another!" Korrie said, "I want to give you this headband and try to turn your day around!" The woman was SO excited! She jumped up and down and was so appreciative! It was such an amazing thing for her son to see, too!


Girl wearing headband


5. Bring a new mom dinner

Being a new mom is HARD! Our Southeast Territory Manager, Danielle, just had a baby a few weeks ago! She barely has a minute to brush her teeth... let alone feed herself, so some of her friends brought her a yummy dinner... and got to hold her baby while she ate! (Win-Win!)?


Food from Zoe's Kitchen


6. Buy a Stanger Coffee

Patti was in the Starbucks line and decided to give a Happy Notes book to the drive-thru cashier. She asked him to tear out pages and give them to the customers coming though along with their coffee. He LOVED the idea so much, he didn't charge her for her latte!! It was such a nice feeling! We called for an update and he's given out tons of notes and has hung some on their employee board!


Cup of coffee with a happy note


7. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter

Gregory is one of the greatest people Taylor, our Marking Intern, knows! He is homeless himself and serves other homeless people coffee at the Cup of Love.




8. Be generous

A few weeks ago we received the sweetest email from a 15-year-old girl in Pennsylvania. This is part of her email, " I have fallen in love with the hope of making someone's life a little bit better. It's my personal mission to make someone smile each and every day. This is why your brand really resonated with me! You truly do care about not only your customers but others as well! I completely admire your charity!"

We appreciated her kind words so much, we in turn sent her a few treasures to help out her mission!


Girl modeling Natural Life clothes
It's the little things happy notes
You make the world a better place just by being in it bungalow art


Her reply was priceless...

We had no idea the ripple effect this random act would have! How beautiful!!!

9. Help an animal in need

This week, a rescue organization that has helped one of our Flagship Store Employees in the past, Heather, desperately needed a foster for a dog. This dog lived her entire life in a cage outside on concrete and was used to breed constantly. She reached out to the organization and her mom will be fostering the dog while she is healing from getting spayed.




10. Pay it forward

Bridget, one of our Product Development Specialists, was in line at Chick-Fil-A and when she pulled up to the window, the cashier said the person in front had already paid for her order! Bridget was so inspired, she paid for the person behind her!

Happiness is free

11. Surprise your co-workers

Patti surprised everyone at the office and ordered a ton of treasures like Tunics, Kimonos and Headbands for everyone to take one for yourself... and 2 to give away as a random act of kindness!


Natural Life products


Always remember, one kind act can change the world! Comment below some ideas we may have missed and kind acts that you've done! ?

February 15, 2018
Tags: Give Back!