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Is a Good Cry Really... Good?

Most people will admit to having at least one good cry since March. As our world closed down and activities came to a screeching halt, fear and anxiety began to rule the day. So why then do we call it a "good cry" when everything seems terrible?
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Giving Tuesday 2020!

We are passionate about Giving Back and trying to make the world a better place! This year for Giving Tuesday we  wanted to do something really different and special. We asked our entire Natural Life community to help us choose 10 charitable organization to give $1000 to! We asked people to share the name of an organization close to their heart and tell us in one or two sentences what they are doing to make the world a better place! Wow! We were blown away by all of the responses and so inspired reading each and every entry. I’m sure you can imagine how hard it was to narrow the long list to ten recipients.