Live Happy! Mini Documentaries

When Madison Hughes, Patti’s daughter, started making mini documentaries for fun, we loved them so much that we asked her to make MORE for Natural Life! We noticed that the girls & women she chose lived by the Natural Life Mantra: It’s the little things that mean the most, that kindness really does matter, you should always be yourself, do what you love…and try to make the world a better place! Look for more Live Happy! videos as Madison makes connections with Natural Life girls & women all over the country!

Live Happy! Featuring: The North Florida School of Special Education

Earlier this year, Natural Life started a partnership with the North Florida School of Special Education (NFSSE), providing job opportunities for their students.

Live Happy! Featuring: Paige Bolick

Meet Paige Bolick, the sweetest, most grounded soul, who finds joy in the little things of life, and is an inspiration to everyone! Learn about her life on the Homestead!

Live Happy! Featuring: Avery Anna

Meet Avery Anna (, a talented singer/songwriter from Flagstaff, Arizona. She's currently living out her dreams in Nashville, TN!

Live Happy! Featuring: JJ Rabone

We can’t say it enough… we LOVE JJ Rabone (@jjrabone)!! When we first stumbled upon her, we were pinching ourselves… her energy and positivity is contagious, and WOW, check out what a talented dancer she is!

Live Happy! Featuring: Jax

This mini documentary is about Jax @jaxwritessongs. We are so inspired by her story and how she’s learned to live happy being herself and doing what she loves.

Live Happy! Featuring: Maia

We met Maia (@Maia_Billman) when she modeled at one of our photoshoots last summer and were so inspired by her joyful outlook on life! We couldn’t wait to feature her in one of our LIVE HAPPY! mini documentaries!

Live Happy! Featuring: Kat Stickler

We, along with everyone else, fell in love with Kat Stickler (@katstickler) watching her funny, relatable, lovable personality on TikTok.

Live Happy! Featuring: Gabriella

Patti’s daughter Madison (@itsmadisonhughes) had the opportunity to work closely with Gabriella Hoffman (@gabriella_hoffman), a freelance Media Strategist, over the last year producing films together.

Live Happy! Featuring: Emily

We stumbled upon Emily Stephens on TikTok (@emilygstephens) after we saw her post an unboxing of a big Natural Life haul! We LOVED everything she said, and all that she stands for.

Live Happy! Featuring: Angie

You may have seen recently that we stumbled upon the most magical place, Milk and Honey Acres (@milkandhoneyacres) located in Tallahassee, Florida, and decided it was perfect for our fall photo shoot!

Live Happy! Featuring: Kirsten

Kirsten is a first generation rancHER in Montana pursuing her dreams! She has always done what she loves, which is so inspiring to us!

Live Happy! Featuring: Jill

We were so inspired by Jill Ragan (@whisperingwillowfrm) who lives by the mantra “find what sparks joy, and grow that in abundance,” that we could not wait to tell her story!

Live Happy! Featuring: Christina

Our latest LIVE HAPPY! mini documentary features the amazing Christina Lecuyer, a Confidence and Success Coach who believes everyone is “created for a purpose and a reason!”

Live Happy! Featuring: "Family of Nomads"

Jessica McCorkle and her family of five are living their life to the fullest in an RV Camper! “Family of Nomads” set off on the adventure of a lifetime...

Live Happy! Featuring: Corinne

Words of Wisdom from Corinne Quiggle, a pro volleyball player on her way to the Olympics!

Live Happy! Featuring: Angela

Patti’s daughter, Madison Hughes, created this little lifestyle snippet of Angela Alvarado, a beautiful Mom, director, model, actress, and photographer from California!

Live Happy! Featuring: Alex "The Freelance Fairy"

Alex Fasulo, also known as "the Freelance Fairy", has been on an exciting 28-day road trip across the US to bring freelancing to so many awesome and unique places!

Live Happy! Featuring: Claire

We're so excited to share this Live Happy! video about Claire, a talent booker in Santa Monica, California, who believes in the power of spreading kindness and happiness to others! 

Natural Life Artist Collaboration!

Yay! Our first artist series collaboration! We worked with an awesome mother/daughter artist duo, Stephanie and Clare Henderson, to design a few of our new products! 

Live Happy! A Mini Documentary Series!

Madison created this little lifestyle snippet of Molly Maginnis Ramey, a positive young woman she met recently while exploring California!